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  • The utility company verifies that there is enough grid capacity available and confirms that all engineering
    specifications meet utility standards.

  • If all requirements are met and grid capacity is confirmed, the utility will issue approval to install your
    solar power system.

  • After installation we will begin the PTO phase that may include installation photos, passed inspection
    documentation, signature on relevant documentation, and a specific application in order to get your
    project to the finish line.

  • Once your solar energy system receives PTO and utility has swapped your electric meter, you can activate
    your system and begin generating electricity.

We take your job from passed inspection to permission to operate (PTO).

  • We submit an interconnection application to the utility company after receiving all required documentation, requesting permission to install your solar power system.

  • We are a "one stop shop" that also provides the engineering plan set for your solar power system.

  • The utility company reviews the application for accuracy and adherence to interconnection standards.

Tailored auditing solutions for any size solar system

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